Zabbix for Beginners- 04- Working with Zabbix - Part 3 - Templates with ZabbixAgent

In this tutorial video, I install the Zabbix Agent on Windows 2012 and Linux Ubuntu and then by using Zabbix Templates, I can monitor them.

You can download the slide from here:

 Also You can watch the video from here:

Zabbix for Beginners- 03- Working with Zabbix - Part 2 - Templates with SNMP

Previous videos:
00-Introduction, what do we do in this series
01-Installing Zabbix and its pre-requirements
02-Working with Zabbix-Part 1
  • Zabbix Architecture and components 
  • How Zabbix monitors network devices one-by-one, item-by-item, using SNMP 
  • Host, Items, Graphs, Actions, etc. 
 This video:
  • Disadvantages of using fix SNMP OID 
  • What the Zabbix Templates are and why Templates? 
  • Using Templates – SNMP 
You can watch the video here:

You can download the slide here: