Zabbix for Beginners -01-Installing Zabbix

In this video, we install the Zabbix, SSH, SNMP, SMTP on Ubuntu Server Linux and we login to Zabbix for the first time!

 You can download the slide from here:

Also You can watch the video from here:

This video include:
Create a Virtual Machine for Zabbix
Install Ubuntu Server with SMTP, SNMP and SSH
Verify and modify the IP Address by VI Editor (Video Training of VI Editor)
Connect to Zabbix by Putty Change the IP Address, i
 Update/Upgrade Ubuntu Server
 Installing Zabbix

Installing Ubuntu Linux Server and requirements. Steps:

1- Create a Virtual Machine for Zabbix I consider 2GB for RAM, 20GB for HDD
NIC should be bridged to interface which you are connected to Internet through it
Connect the NIC to GNS3 lab

2- Install Ubuntu Server 
  • Hostname: ZabbixSrv 
  • Domain: Your domain, here I put 
  • Full name: Your name, here I put Alireza 
  • Username: Select an Username, here I put cbt4all 
  • Password: Choose a password, here I choose cbt4all. 
  • Choose your time zone. As I live in New Zealand, I choose Pacific 
  • Install Open SSH Server and Mail Server and select Internet Site 
  • System name: sounds nice. Do not worry, it is just a name! 

3-Verify the IP Address for ZabbixSrv 
By ifconfig command IP Address:, Subnet Mask:, Gateway: DNS Server:

Connect to Zabbix by Putty and SSH
If you want to change the IP Address, use VI Editor

sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces    
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static address

sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf  

 sudo ifdown eth0 
sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart 
sudo ifup eth0 

Help for Ubuntu IP setting:

Help for VI Editor: i

4- Install SNMP 
sudo apt-get install libsnmp-mib-compiler-perl 
sudo apt-get install snmp-mibs-downloader 
sudo apt-get install libsnmp-base 
sudo apt-get install libsnmp-dev 
sudo apt-get install 
snmp sudo apt-get install snmpd 

5- Update/Upgrade Ubuntu Server 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade 

IF you forgot to install Open SSH Server and Mail Server during installing Ubuntu Server, you can use these to install them:
Installing Open SSH Server
sudo apt-get install openssh-server sudo cp /etc/ssh/sshd_config /etc/ssh/sshd_config.original sudo chmod a-w /etc/ssh/sshd_config.origina 

Installing Mail Server
sudo apt-get -y install postfix mailutils libsasl2-2 ca-certificates libsasl2-modules sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix 

Installing Zabbix 2.4 Installing repository configuration package and Zabbix:
sudo wget 
sudo dpkg -i zabbix-release_2.4-1+trusty_all.deb 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install zabbix-agent zabbix-server-mysql zabbix-frontend-php snmpd php5-mysql php5-curl 

6- Configure MySQL Choose a password for MySQL.
I choose cbt4all Select

7- Configuring the config file 
sudo vi /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/zabbix.conf 

Remove # from time zone and add your time zone. As I am in New Zealand, my time zone is Pacific/Auckland 
Find your time zone here:

8- Restart the Appache Service 
sudo service apache2 restart

Use browser to use Zabbix. The address you should use is which is the Zabbix’s IP Address.

Click on Next You have to test connection between Zabbix and MySQL. You need to insert the password you chose before. I had chosen cbt4all Click on Test Connection Click on Next Login to Zabbix

Default Username is Admin
Default Password is zabbix



Anonymous said...

Dear, Alireza Rezvani

Thank you for your GREAT tutorial
I finding it extremly useful

However, I faced with a problem

After changing IP address and reloading network interface
I could not login to Putty with a new IP

Neither with my previous

What it is the problem?

Thank you in advanced!

fa-golangtraining said...

Hi Anonymous!
Thanks for your feedback

So, this is Linux problem rather than Zabbix problem. I would test these respectively:

1- run ifconfig command, to be sure Linux has taken your new IP Address

if you see you have problem to giving IP Address to the Linux, try this link:

2- If you passed number 1, be sure you can ping the Linux. Maybe something is wrong with in your communication

3- If you can ping but you can not SSH, be sure there is no firewall between you and the Linux, blocking SSH traffic from your address to the Linux

If you have still problem, we need more troubleshoot

By the way, please put your name instead of Anonymous and call me Alireza ;-)

Unknown said...

Hey Alireza!

Thank you for your help,
I decided to create port eth1
as a result,
I don't experience any issues with Putty nor with Zabbix

Thank you again for your help
And for your videos

They are extremely helpful

Stay cool

fa-golangtraining said...

Thanks for your comment.
Sure... I will do my best, but some time I have to re-capture the videos. For example I have created the last video 4 times, and still I have to re-create it :-(


Unknown said...

Hi buddy

great video, just getting issue when trying to log into zabbix test connection,

Error "The frontend does not match Zabbix database

can you please help at the finish line but getting caught up

fa-golangtraining said...



Usually it is related to connecting the PHP to the Zabbix. I think if you follow the video it won't be happens

Unknown said...

I followed the video as you mention and can not connect to test connection via browser.

Error The front end does not match Zabbix database

Unknown said...

Hi I started again and was successful. I will continue to watch videos.


fa-golangtraining said...


Good to here that the problem has been solved. Thanks for your comment

Unknown said...

Can i use this installation for production

fa-golangtraining said...

Hi, Sorry I did not get the question. what do you mean by "for production" ?

Unknown said...

Do you know if zabbix can slow down internal network from monitoring systems via agent pulling and pushing

fa-golangtraining said...

Hi, yes you can. Actually you will need Linux scripting. Zabbix can run an script on the remote machine

alan said...

I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for these videos. I know it's a lot of work putting them together and you did a great job. They're extremely thorough and all the additional explanations you give are a big help in really understanding how it works.

fa-golangtraining said...


Hi. Thanks for your comment. Happy to see you like it :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Alireza, thanks a lot for your fantastic videos and explenation.
I`m new on this themes and absolute beginner-
I have a question: is it possible to do the szenario with vmWare Exsi/shpere Client instead of virtuell box. I have a server with ExSi and annother Server with Win server 2008 and a USV is connected with the server win 2008- So I want to monitor and get informations with zabbix from the USV-
I installed VM Ubuntu 14.04 on EXsi-from a windows 7 Client with Sphere client and I install like in your video putty- All maschines are connected with a switch and my windows client has a WIFI Card its my only possibility to go into the internet. I want update the ubuntu server and configure zabbix over the win 7 client-Thanx al lot for help and sorry for my bad english-best wishes

Anonymous said...

PS: I have also installed the Zabbix agent on the server 2008

fa-golangtraining said...

First your English is better than mine, so don't worry
If the question is, can you use vmWare (Exsi/shpere), yes you can. As long as you have TCP/IP connectivity you can use any machine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alireza,

thanks a lot for your quick answer.Yes I have TCP/IP (Wifi-Card in windows 7 client)
but getting some problems with the connection.
First I have configure the IP adresses static- But it doesn't work-
My question: Is it better to install the Ubuntu Server without static IP adresses first?
2. Question: Is the IP adress from my WIFI-Card the Gateway IP adress from the virtuell Ubuntu-Server?
I will try it tomorrow like in your video
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hello Alireza,
first step is done- Connection works now and I have
update the Ubuntu Server & install the snmp packages.....

fa-golangtraining said...

1) having/not having static IP dose not matter as long as you can connect to Internet
2)It depends on the configuraion. If you use NAT, yes if youn use your NIC as a bridge, no. In this case the both NIC should have same gateway

Anonymous said...

hi alireza.thank you so much for support-
my next problem is-I doesn't know if i can manage the UPC from APC smart 1500 wich is connected with the windows server 2008-
The USV has no network management card and its only connected with USB to the win server-
I have installed the zabbix agent at the server-
Zabbix-Ubuntu server sees the agent as aktiv-
And the templates I have imported from this side:

But there is no specific Template for my UPS so I take APC 10000

Best wishes

fa-golangtraining said...



Actually I am not sure Zabbix, as it is now, has this ability. If so, I dont know how. You can ask this question here: where a lot of expert will answer the questions.

Unknown said...

Thank for your video,
but can you help me, an error occurs when i tried to install snmp.
The error is : "E: Unable to locate package libsnmp-mib-compiler-perl"

Anonymous said...

Hi Alireza,thank you very much-I have ask the question about USV monitoring with Zabbix in the zabbix forum/german but getting only 2 answers-I will try the english zabbix forum-too-if I get some Ideas for solving the problem- I'll post it here.

fa-golangtraining said...

your English is good and clear, so do not worry. It would be great if when you find something you copy here ;-)

fa-golangtraining said...

your English is good and clear, so do not worry. It would be great if when you find something you copy here ;-)

Anonymous said...

I see this massage, what is solution?

"zabbix server is not running the information displayed may not be current"

Andhika said...

Hi Alireza,
i got error after following your video, until finish and installing zabbix on browser.
i got error in point 3, configure DB Connection. the message error was "Error connecting to database: Unknown database 'zabbix' "
i have following the video which user was root and password using mysql password.
i am sure the password is right, and in /etc/zabbix/zabbix-server.conf password are displayed.
when i see in log file /var/log/zabbix/zabbix/zabbix_server.log got error
" Access denied for user 'zabbix'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
2743:20151125:080055.219 database is down: reconnecting in 10 seconds
2743:20151125:080105.220 [Z3001] connection to database 'zabbix' failed: [1045] "

can you please help me what im wrong? because i already following step by step at your video.


fa-golangtraining said...

Well it means the zabbix server is not running! you should run it first.
Have you followed the video? you should not get the error if you follow the videos

I would restart the service and check the logs

fa-golangtraining said...

I think you should spend time and watch my videos first. I am not MySQL guy but I have done the same way for a couple of times and I didnot get any error
I have never said put the password in zabbix-server.conf so it seams you are following different way
please spend time and watch the videos. I am sure you it is clear enough

sid said...

Hi Brother,

I watched your amazing video about zabbix and when I try to setup to one of my computer, it went well except for the database. I got an error it says, "Error connectng to database: Unknown database 'zabbix'.

I followed your steps carefully and this is my second setup, both are some error on the database. did you setup your database behind the scene?

thank you for any help you can extend brother.

fa-golangtraining said...

Hi, sorry for the delayed response.

Actually I repeated the steps again. There is no error here. I have captured every thing I did, so there is no secret behind it.

Are you sure you are following the videos? I would download the slides and videos and check them again. I am sure if you follow the videos and slide, you would see exactly I have seen.

Good luck

Unknown said...

Hi ali,

I am unable to login to putty after I change Ip address ... when I run Sudo ifdown etho it is throwing error although ip adress is getting assigned and I am able to ping . please tell me what to do

Unknown said...

RTNETLINK no such process exists is the error

Anonymous said...

Hi anyonmus,

I am unable to login to putty after I change Ip address ... when I run Sudo ifdown eth0 it is throwing error although ip adress is getting assigned and I am able to ping . please tell me what to do.
RTNETLINK no such process exists is the error

fa-golangtraining said...

Hi Ibad and Anonymous,

Thanks for you comment.
If you can ping it but you cannot for example SSH to it, these things come to mind
1- You are pinging the wrong machine. Be sure you ping the right one
2- the SSH has been configured correctly
3- restart the VM and try again
4- The is no firewall between you and the VM filtering the traffic

Unknown said...

hi Ali reza ,
thanks for your reply .....

I have a doubt it necessary to use the ip address you provided in tutorial i.e ... why cant we use the default address generated when we set up virtual box. Also I tried several times restarting the machine but putty is unable to connect to server. Also is it necessary that I set up network in GNS3 prior to changing ipaddress in putty or can we do this later aswell??? I am actually new to networking and stuff trying to learn zabbix ...kindly help me out ...Also let me know if you have any gns3 tutorial ... your tutorial is really helpful

fa-golangtraining said...

@ Ibad

I am happy you find the videos helpful.

No it is not a must changing the IP. I just want to make a consistence range of IP address to make the scenario understandable. Also, I have created GNS3 to make anything clear for the one who watch the videos. So you dont have to use GNS3.

You can find a lot of GNS3 videos training on YouTube, a lot!
Good luck

Unknown said...

Hi Alireza,

I am able to open the Zabbix UI but when I create R1( -assigning this ip) host as per video data is not collected through SNMP . the button snmp is displayed in red color and "Time out while connecting to XXXX:161 is displayed. I have taken Ip address as as I was unable to change ip address . kindly let me know why I am getting this error. do I need to run any additional commands.

fa-golangtraining said...

@ Ibad
Hi. Ok, you need to be sure that The Zabbix server has IP connectivity to your router. When you see "time out" message it means your Zabbix server, for whatever reason, can not achieve the router
To check it, go to the Zabbix server console and try to ping the router
Next step is, be sure you have configured SNMP on your router correctly
Finally be sure that the is no firewall between the Zabbix server and the router filtering the port 161
Good luck

Unknown said...

thank you very much .

Unknown said...

Hi Alireza
Many thanks for the videos

hello fellows
The problem of putty can't open the static IP, follow these:
1-do the "ifconfig" command, if u c ur static IP then
2-try to ping google, if it doesn't work, check
3-sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf, the DNS name server probably it's deleted (that's what happened with me, each time i boot the virtualbox i need to set it again even if i quit with the "wq" command :(

3-sudo ifup eth0
4-sudo ifdown eth0
5-sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
6-sudo ifup eth0

AND the ping works so the putty :)

why does i need to repeat these steps each time i boot the virtual machine????
is there any tutorial for connecting GNS3 to VM?

fa-golangtraining said...


Thanks for your comment. Please note that this is only a tutoril video so it dose not mean that you need to repeat the instruction.

Also, I tried to make the video easy by creating a scenario. It means you need change the IP addresses and the settings based on your topology

Finally, when you change the IP once, you don't need to do it every time. It means you can use it permanently

Sandro said...

Great work doing this videos, it will help me a lot.

Anonymous said...

Since I'dd like to stick with CentOS, I recommend this tutorial about installing Zabbix on CentOS 5,6,7

Unknown said...


can I use Zabbix for monitoring and centralising network log files?

Looking for a program which allows to monitor and centralise Intrusion Detection log files or any other relevant log files

Thank you

mahdi said...

Hi Alireza, thank you very much. It was great
ممنون بابت وقتی که گذاشتی لنگه این فیلم ها من تاحالا جایی ندیدم

Anonymous said...

if I use Zabbix agent, do I need to install SNMP??