Zabbix for Beginners- 02- Working with Zabbix - Part 1

 Last Zabbix tutorial videos: 

00-Introduction of our scenario

01-Installing Zabbix on a Virtual Machine

In this tutorial video we have:
  • Zabbix Architecture and components (Proxy, DB, Media Server, GUI, etc.)
  • How Zabbix monitors devices by SNMP and Agent, Services
  • Overview of Zabbix and GUI Menus 
  • Configuration: Host, Item, Graph for R1
  • Monitoring: Graph 
 You can watch the video here:

 You can download the slide here:

Zabbix's components:
  • Zabbix Server: The main engine of Zabbix
  • Proxy: All devices send the data to the Proxy, as an interface between devices and Zabbix Server. Proxy collects the monitoring data and if something bad happens, proxy informs Zabbix Server
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle, etc. For storing Monitoring data
  • GUI: Web interface for configuring and working with Zabbix
  • Media Server: Like E-mail, SMS, etc. for sending alarm to Admin 
 Proxy, Database, GUI, Media server can be installed on one machine, or more

Complete Architecture

Without Proxy 

 Simple (Our approach) 

 We have installed all components in one machine, so Simple architecture is our approach

 We have installed all components (Proxy, Database, GUI, Media server) on one machine
SNMP is a standard protocol for monitoring devices Uses MIB and OID to monitor CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, etc. SNMP Needs to be installed or be activated on devices. After that, Zabbix send request, devices send responds
This protocol is suitable for Network devices (Routers, Switches, etc) and Servers
Zabbix Agent
Zabbix Agent is a software which is developed by Zabbix. It Need to be installed on machines and you can download it for different OS here 
Zabbix Agent sends monitoring data to Zabbix Server and it uses default port TCP 10050 so it must be open on firewalls
Zabbix Agent is suitable for Servers
 Main menus
  • Configuration: The most important part is Configuration. You can add network devices like Switches, Routers and Servers, here. 
  • Monitoring: When you add Devices like Routers, Switches and Servers which are called Host, you can use Monitoring menu to see the results of monitoring. For example you can see the graphs here. 
  • Reports: After a while, you may need to have a report about for example bandwidth usage. You can use this menu for creating reports. 
  • Administration: You can add Username, change password, change User’s profile, add new Media Type (Like SMS and Email), create Script, etc. 
Host: The device you want to monitor. Like Routers, Switches, Servers, etc. For example R1
Host name: Enter a unique host name for your device (R1)
Group: Select a group for your Host. A host must belong to at least one host group. I choose group Templates
Agent interfaces/SNMP interfaces: Depends on your approach to monitor device by either SNMP, Zabbix Agent or both, choose the IP Address (I Use SNMP for R1)
IP Address:, I recommend to use IP address rather than DNS Name because if you use DNS Name: You have to have DNS Server which works properly.
More information:

Items: The object of the Host which you want to monitor. For example: CPU, Memory, Interfaces, Bandwidth… At the moment, for just an example, I want to monitor CPU and Memory Load of R1
Name: Define a name for a the Item you want to monitor CPU Idle, CPU Usage – Memory Free, Memory Usage
Type: Means how you want to monitor your data? Zabbix Agent, SNMP v2, SNMP v3, etc.
Key: Choose an unique name for your Item.
It will use when you want to create a special Item, which is a combination of others Items. For example Item3=Item2+Item1, Item5=𝐼𝑡𝑒𝑚4/𝐼𝑡𝑒𝑚6 (Zabbix calls this special items, calculated items)
There are several condition for selecting Key (Unique name) for each Item. For more information:

I recommend use similar things for Name and Key but you have to obey the conditions. For example, for CPU Usage, I choose CpuUsage and for CPU Idle I choose CPUIdle and so on.

First example for R1: Memory Load = Free Memory and Memory Usage (two Items)
Name: MemoryFree-R1,
Type: SNMPv2
Key: MemoryFreeR1
Memory Free:
Memory Used:
SNMP community: cbt4all
Units: bps, Bps, etc. Use custom multiplier Convert Bps to bps by multiple in 8 Update interval (in sec)
Store value As Is and Delta (Good for bandwidth)

Summary about SNMP OID: Find and use a strange unique number
Memory Free:
Memory Used:

Find and use a strange unique name

In this string, .In: Income traffic, speed 10/100, Octets: Number of Byte, 1: Interface 1
it means: The total number of Downloaded Bytes, including frame, in FastEthernet (10/100)
The OID for this string is:

Out: Outgoing traffic in speed 10/100, Octets: Number of Byte, 1: Interface 1
It means the total number of Uploaded Bytes, including frame, in FastEthernet (10/100).
The OID for this string is:

for more information about SNMP OID:

The command for Cisco Routers and Switches: show snmp mib ifmib ifindex

Third example for R1: Interface bandwidth = Income and Outcome traffic (two Items)

Which interface: FastEthernet 0/0
Name: ifInOctets.1–R1, ifOutOctets.1–R1
Type: SNMPv2
Key: ifInOctets.1R1, ifOutOctets.1R1
SNMP community: cbt4all
Units bps, Bps, etc. Use custom multiplier Convert Bps to bps by multiple in 8 Update interval (in sec)
Store value: Delta (Good for bandwidth)

In the Graph part, you can create a new Graph for each items you have created before.
Name: Must be unique
Width: Width in pixels
Height: Height in pixels
Graph type: Normal, Stacked, Pie, Exploded
Items: The items you want to see in the graph Examples: R1 CPU Load, R1 Memory Load, R1 Interface load

for more information:

Trigger means: Please watch the data which are storing and evaluate it by something which I tell you.
Example, If the average of Used Bandwidth for 5 seconds is not more than 3 Mbps the result of Trigger is OK and if it is equal to or more than 3Mbps, the result is PROBLEM

{R1: ifOutOctets.1R1.avg(5)}>3000000

You can make every thing you want!  More in formation and example:

means do something if something happened. Send an email or/and SMS (called Media Type in Zabbix) Run an script Scenario: Send an email
We use SMPT Server which is installed on Ubuntu Server to send email: echo "Test mail from postfix" | sudo mail -s "Test Postfix"

If you don’t receive the email from Ubuntu Server, you have a problem with your SMTP Server. You should troubleshoot and find the solution. I cannot help you about this issue but you can start from the command tail /var/log/mail.log for troubleshooting

By the way, I never check the email! It is only for my lab.

Now we can monitor Items each device, one by one. But do all devices have limited Items? For example if we want to monitor a Switch with 48 ports, do we have to add all 48 interfaces one-by-one? In next video I will show you how you can use the Templates to make monitoring easy!


Anonymous said...

hi friend,

my zabbix server is in AWS i need how i can monitor remote sites using it

please help me on this


fa-golangtraining said...


Thanks for your email. Actually I don't get your problem. What do you mean exactly?? If you have connectivity to your remote sites, you can monitor your site easily. What is the problem?

Unknown said...

This is video very helpful!
But in step send mail with postfix, i can't send mail!
In mail.log file show:

Aug 28 13:28:06 zabbixsvr postfix/pickup[5340]: 9646BC23CD: uid=0 from=
Aug 28 13:28:06 zabbixsvr postfix/cleanup[5352]: 9646BC23CD: message-id=<20150828062806.9646BC23CD@localhost>
Aug 28 13:28:06 zabbixsvr postfix/qmgr[5341]: 9646BC23CD: from=, size=307, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Aug 28 13:28:19 zabbixsvr postfix/smtp[5354]: connect to[]:587: Connection timed out
Aug 28 13:28:19 zabbixsvr postfix/smtp[5354]: connect to[2404:6800:4003:c00::6d]:587: Network is unreachable
Aug 28 13:28:36 zabbixsvr postfix/smtp[5360]: connect to[]:587: Connection timed out
Aug 28 13:28:36 zabbixsvr postfix/smtp[5360]: connect to[2404:6800:4003:c00::6d]:587: Network is unreachable

In don't know what wrong!

fa-golangtraining said...

@Video Hướng Dẫn

Hi, based on logs you sent me, you may have connectivity problem. "[]:587: Connection timed" means the server cannot connect gmail. Check the internet connection first, by ping and be sure DNS is working properly


Unknown said...

Hi Alireza,

Can you please help me out for the SNMPV3 configuration in Zabbix 2.4 on Centos plate from.

Pushpendra Tiwari

fa-golangtraining said...

Hi, yes... in general I will but not soon. I am planning to capture some networking videos

Anonymous said...

Hi Alireza,

How to change the severity of an issue from High to Not classified.

hope you make some time to reply

Thanks !

fa-golangtraining said...


Hi, Actually I am not sure if I get your question correctly. If you want to change a Severity for a particular Trigger, this is the path:

Dashboard » Configuration of host groups » Configuration of templates » Configuration of triggers

Gong said...

Hi, Thank you for a great job. Can you make a video on how to set a Zabbix server to receive SNMP trap? and also shed some light on MIB and how to set up MIB as per item 1.5 on this documentation

fa-golangtraining said...

Thanks for your comment. Happy you like the videos.
If I got time, I will do it. Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

I am having an issue with my Zabbix Dashboard. I get the message at the bottom of the page "Zabbix server is not running: the information displayed may not be current." Also at the top it says Zabbix server is running and the value is No in red font?

Dr.Acuarium said...

Hello Alireza!

Brother, I need some of your help please!!!!...Look, I'm getting the error:

wrong answer on MAIL FROM "530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. 5sm6593027vkc.13 - gsmtp"

Maybe, do you know how to resolve this issue?...I have this configuration on Email:

SMTP Server:
SMTP server port: 587
SMTP helo:
SMTP email:

I hope you can help me with this one.

Thanks for your support man!

fa-golangtraining said...

Hi, well if you followed my videos you would not get the error. But it seems you need to run the ZabbixServer manually.
If this does not work, you need to check the logs to see why the Zabbix Server is not run

fa-golangtraining said...

Hi. I have created a full video about sending email to gmail. Please watch video it shows clearly

fa-golangtraining said...

Hi. I have created a full video about sending email to gmail. Please watch video it shows clearly

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi ,

I am new in Zabbix ,my teammate that was configured zabbix has left now .My question is how can i remove Yahoo alert from zabbix .Actually Yahoo site is working ,but why it is sending such alert Yahoo is not working,let me know.

Unknown said...

Hi Alizera,
After following your instructions step by step, I have reached the using GNS3 to emulate, I have not worked with the GNS3 before, could you help me to configure the GNS3 in order to play exactly the same as the step in your video. Thank you in advance and hope to get you reply as soon as possible.

Unknown said...

Hi Alizera,
After following your instructions step by step, I have reached the using GNS3 to emulate, I have not worked with the GNS3 before, could you help me to configure the GNS3 in order to play exactly the same as the step in your video. Thank you in advance and hope to get you reply as soon as possible.

Unknown said...

Hi Alireza,

Thanks for all the content on zabbix.

I have a question concerning Zabbix agent. Is it possible to not use jmx gateway and instead use Zabbix agent to transfer java application metrics to the zabbix server?

Appreciate your help.


IT Technology said...

Hi AD,

thank you for the useful information,
I have a juniper srx340 device, I monitor it with snmpv2 ok and monitor the dc interface with temp discovery, CPU and memory I can not get. I tried OID and MIB but not exactly. Could you please guide with juniper equipment.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi @Alireza Rezvani
How to configure one new server starting to ending plz help us

Unknown said...

Hi @Alireza Rezvani
Thank You for this guide movies...
Best Regards

Unknown said...

سلام آقای رضوانی
آیا زبیکس معماری سلسله مراتبی (hierarchy) را هم پشتیبانی می کند؟

b34st said...

Hi @Alireza Rezvani
i have installed zabbix on centos 7, nginx already
the question are :
1. i can't load zabbix for the first time setup ex:

could you help me?

Anonymous said...

Hi Alireza,

Your content and understanding of Zabbix is great. However, your teaching style is very slow and a little broken. You take long abrupt pauses while explaining important concepts and switch windows which makes it difficult to understand what you are trying to say. If you could improve your teaching skills, then your videos will become so much better because you already have great content and knowledge.

Sorry for being overly critical but I just found your teaching style very irritating and hard to concentrate on. That doesn't mean I don't like your channel. Keep up the good work!

283kwedpzf said...

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