Zabbix for Beginners- 02- Working with Zabbix - Part 1

 Last Zabbix tutorial videos: 

00-Introduction of our scenario

01-Installing Zabbix on a Virtual Machine

In this tutorial video we have:
  • Zabbix Architecture and components (Proxy, DB, Media Server, GUI, etc.)
  • How Zabbix monitors devices by SNMP and Agent, Services
  • Overview of Zabbix and GUI Menus 
  • Configuration: Host, Item, Graph for R1
  • Monitoring: Graph 
 You can watch the video here:

 You can download the slide here:

Zabbix for Beginners -01-Installing Zabbix

In this video, we install the Zabbix, SSH, SNMP, SMTP on Ubuntu Server Linux and we login to Zabbix for the first time!

 You can download the slide from here:

Also You can watch the video from here:

This video include:
Create a Virtual Machine for Zabbix
Install Ubuntu Server with SMTP, SNMP and SSH
Verify and modify the IP Address by VI Editor (Video Training of VI Editor)
Connect to Zabbix by Putty Change the IP Address, i
 Update/Upgrade Ubuntu Server
 Installing Zabbix