Zabbix for beginners: 00-Introduction of Serise

In this video is an introduction about Zabbix, as a Network Monitoring software, and I explain about my series and approach about installing, configuring and working with Zabbix.

You can download the slide from here:

Also You can watch the video from here: 

This video includes:
  • About Zabbix for beginners series
  • What we do in this series 
  • Who is this series for? 
  • Scenario and what we want to do? 
  • What we should download and make, before start 
  • What we do in this series 

We learn Zabbix based on: Practical Scenario and Step by step approach. it means Just watch, match to your organization,

Also please notice that these videos are not approved by Zabbix, although I tried!

I supposed that you are like me:
  • New in Linux, not interested in involving new things and lazy! 
  • This series are good for beginners in Linux and Zabbix world 
But I still consider that you…:
  • You are familiar with computer networking and protocols: For example: TCP/IP, SNMP, Ping, SSH, etc. 
  • You can follow the video tutorials 
  • You are connected to the Internet because we need to download: Putty, Linux, Zabbix source 
  • You know what is Monitoring for, you know different Monitoring Softwares like, Nagios, Cacti, Solarwinds, PRTG, etc. and you have already chosen Zabbix 

We want to:
  •  Monitor Routers interfaces, RAM and CPU by SNMP 
  • If the bandwidth is less than my expectation, if the link is down, if…., Zabbix should send an alert email 
  • Create graph of bandwidth usage, RAM usage, CPU usage, etc. 
  • Monitor Windows Servers and Linux Server by SNMP 
  • Monitor Windows Servers and Linux Server by Zabbix Agent 

Before going to the next video, please:

Although there are three ways of getting Zabbix:
  • Install it from the distribution packages. 
  •  Download the latest source archive and compile it yourself. 
  • Download the virtual appliance Zabbix: “Zabbix software is pre-installed and pre-configured for trouble free deployment. But you can use this Appliance to evaluate Zabbix” It means if you restart the Zabbix, you will lose all Monitoring data. It is like Live Linux! 

I will use and recommend the first approach


Trahloc said...


Working my way through your series but I have a request. Please increase the volume of your videos significantly. They're substantially quieter than normal youtube videos and I have to max out my volume and you're still really quiet due to my noisy environment. (system sounds then become almost painful as well). Thanks!

fa-golangtraining said...

@ Trahloc

thanks for your feedback.
from now on, I will do it.


Unknown said...

سلام علیرضا جان. من چند تا سوال خصوصی دارم چطور میتونم بپرسم. با تشکر

fa-golangtraining said...

Hi. Please ask your question here, in English please. Let's share what we know to others mate.

Unknown said...

Dear Alireza
I recently ran a Zabbix Server on Centos .I'll appreciate to help me with 2 problem I confronted:
1-zabbix agent Doesn't work at all on any host.The Zabbix agent sign in Hosts always is red with following Error:

Get value from agent failed: ZBX_TCP_READ() failed: [104] Connection reset by peer zabbix forum

I don't have Antivirus and I disabled iptable in Centos and firewall in hosts.
any Help?

2-the command " SNMPv2-MIB::sysName.0 " Doesn't work correctly in Auto Discovery mode.


fa-golangtraining said...



1) Two things come to mind. Be sure you have configured Zabbix agent config file, introducing server correctly. Be sure you have connectivity to the server (try ping to the TCP port to be sure Layer3 and Layer4 work properly)

2) Working/not working the command SNMPv2-MIB::sysName.0 is not related to Discovery. May I ask for more details?

Unknown said...

Dear Alireza
I used these command to install Zabbix Agent on windows OS :

C:\zabbix> zabbix_agent.exe --config --install

and also I started the service
Let me know if you think i need any extra configuration.

2- according to make a simple way for auto detect hosts I used to make an autoDiscovery Rule and etc.
some part of pointed description is related to use "SNMPv2-MIB::sysName.0" on discovery field and also use {$SNMP_COMMUNITY} = SNMPPass in the macros.
but the above configuration doesn't work correctly (For me) and I have to use the both of them as real value.

Let me know if you need any more information about my configuration.


Unknown said...

Hi Alireza
I Solved the problem
It was the wrong IP address in Agent.conf.


fa-golangtraining said...


OK. Good to hear that the problem is solved. Could you ask your question in the right place from now on? because all of you three questions are related to other videos, and when you ask you question there, other guys can see the questions and answer. But when you ask here, it dose not make sens

Unknown said...

Hello dear!
I have problem with OPNET riverbed modeler 17.5, i couldn't find MPLS object in that but its 14.5 vrsion has it, thus please please help me how to find MPLS Object in 17.5 or help me to download or send me 14.5 version.
I tried many to download 14.5 But i can't,

fa-golangtraining said...


Hi, thanks for your comment. Please let me to mention two things. First, you are Master student so you are an educated person. so I would expect you, so an educated person, to ask the question int the right page. You are a question about OPNET so you should not ask this question in Zabbix page! You could find OPENT page on the blog and ask the question there.
About your question. Unfortunately I cannot help because I don't have OPNET (neither 14.7 nor 17.5) but I think you can google and find some good documents. I found something for you:

I hope these help
good luck

Ivan Haspra said...

thank you for your learning video about zabbix. It is very good. I look forward for your next parts.

Ivan from Slovakia

fa-golangtraining said...

Thanks for your comment. Happy you like the videos. :-)

fa-golangtraining said...

Thanks for your comment. Happy you like the videos. :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Alireza,

If i want to show my alarms in zabbix GUI using snmp trap and want to add some custom fields like example seviority, reason (specific to my alarms) is this possible.

Thanks & Regards,

fa-golangtraining said...


As far as I know, the fields like priority have already been exist on Zabbix. But in general, I dont know what is the best way. You can ask these types of question on

When you found the answer, please let us know :-)

kchaitu4 said...

HI, can you know how to setup in gns3?

SHAYAN said...

Hi Alireza Rezvani, Thank for the valuable tech video.

kindly help me to clear following.

01. what is the best practices for monitoring the windows /linus based servers (SNMP based on Agent based).
02. for production case can we go ahead with MySQL (is there any limitation for MySQL like maximum size limitation with SQL Express (maximum size 10GB for SQL express DB)).
03. We need to monitor Cisco 3650 Switch, which is configured as on Stack (two switches connected with stack cable and configured. so both switches act as a single switch). we have configured a single Management IP address (vlan address) for these switch (stack master hold the management ip address). can we able to monitor the both switches (CPU, Memory, interface utilization, etc) using the single management ip address (configure host with the management ip address on zabbix).

Unknown said...

Hi Sir i am getting error in gns3 ""ZABBIX-1" requires 5120MB of RAM to run but there is only 3710MB - 53.9% of RAM left on "DESKTOP-OC718NT"" and i am unable to get CLI of zabbix please give me the solution.

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