Install ns-3 on OpenSuse - Part2

Part2: Install Prerequirments Package for ns-3.16

I made a video last year, in installing ns-3 on OpenSuse Linux. I don't want to re-create it again, just I refer you to it.

In this video I showed that the packages which are required for installing ns-3.
This video linked by:


Unknown said...


Thanks for you effort. Can you upload your Ns3 iso image?

many thanks


fa-golangtraining said...

@Suha Suliman
Hi Suha, Thanks for your comment. But I am not sure what it the question exactly. Do you need ns-3 ISO file or do you need the RPM packages file?
I am asking because for ns-3 itself, there is no ISO file. There are two ways of getting ns-3: 1- download ns-3 all in one, and 2- download ns-2 developper edition.
For both, you should go at

But if you need the packages RPM, I can send them to you but please note that these package are suitable only for the Suse version which I have installed ns-3 on, in these videos.

It means each Linux distribution and edition, needs specific packages

See you

Israel said...

Hi Reznavi,
Could you please send me the package list which is necessary to install ns3 on SUSE?.

My email address:


fa-golangtraining said...

Hi Israel,
I have sent it to your email